Digital Citizenship/Cyber Safety

I found 2 great websites on the internet relating to Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety which would be great to use in the classroom to educate children on safety and rules to follow when on the web.

The first is a cyber safety game, which children can play to learn about safety on the internet. The game is called Webonauts Internet Academy from the PBS Kids website. It’s motto it teaches children is “Observe, Respect, Contribute.” I think this is a great motto for children to be aware of while on the computer and internet. First it allows the player to create an astronaut avatar. It then guides the player through various situations one might come across while on the internet and interacting with others on the internet. Such situations include others asking for personal information including name, age, address and passwords. When the player comes to these situations it gives them choices of actions (give the password, ignore the person, etc.) This game teaches children about privacy settings, web safety and much more in an enjoyable way. It also has information for parents and educators on internet safety as well. Here’s the link!

The second, is a website called Digital Citizenship. It provides information, activities and games based on all aspects of cyber safety and digital citizenship including cyber bullying, digital tracks, safety, cyber /digital friends, copyright and simply being aware. This website is a great resource for teachers as it has everything one needs to know about this important topic in one place! It has organized the games and information in 3 different stages based on ages of children and their interests and use of the internet of that specific age. Overall, a great website for teachers (and also parents) to use to educate children and students on cyber safety! Here’s the link!


2 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship/Cyber Safety

  1. These are both awesome resources! The student centered activity would be great for the students to play both at school and at home to include parent involvement.
    However, I especially liked the second resource as cyber bullying and internet safety are often intimidating/difficult topics for educators to address due to lack of knowledge or the anonymity of online users.

    Thank you for posting. I will definitely share these on my blog!

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