Great Photo

I found this photo on Pinterest and I think it has some interesting facts about education in Finland. It would be great to see some of these ideas used in all areas of the world to make schools and education even better for students and teachers!

Great Photo


7 thoughts on “Great Photo

  1. Who would have thought that a single country could have such a different demographic in terms of the educational achievement? The one thing that strikes me is the small classroom size. That makes sense to me .More attention means more engagement and better understanding.

  2. Love this. I’ve been talking about Finland’s successful education system in every one of my classes and this is a great summarized article to share on how other countries are compared to Finland’s different way of teaching students!

  3. Reblogged this on Ms. Schebel's Blog and commented:
    Very interesting infographic. I think that this research poses some serious questions for educators to ask in regards to the changes that are taking place in Saskatchewan today.

    Why are we implementing standardized testing. What benefits does it truly have for students?
    Would reduced classroom sizes benefit our students? How could we reduce sizes?
    What is inhibiting us from increasing physical activity and education in our curriculum?

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