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50 Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

While browsing the internet and education websites and blogs, I found this page on 50 ways to use Skype in the classroom and WOW! It has some fantastic ideas that I would love to try in my future classroom. Some ideas include using Skype to meet with other classrooms and practicing interviews. I had never thought of many of these ideas and this website definitely has some great uses of Skype in the classroom! Here’s the link:


While I was in Grade 8, I specifically remember enjoying classes from a certain teacher because of her use of SMARTboards. She allowed the students to use it, which now looking back I think made her lessons more effective. Plus, it was something new and different for us students. I think smartboards are a great way to have students be involved in lessons. I never had heard of SMART Exchange until this class, and I have to say I have fallen in love with it. There are so so many different lesson plans and ideas to make lessons and learning even more fun! I will definitely be using SMART Exchange in my future classroom. Here are a few of my favourite lessons:

1. Game Template – In a history class of mine, we would play Jeopardy the class before a test. The teacher put us in two teams and the winning team received an extra percentage on their final grade of the test. This had a great number of students participating while reviewing the test material. Also, I found this helpful to find out what information I knew and what I still needed to learn. This could be used for any subject and I think almost all ages would enjoy it.

2. Popsicle Attendance – I think this an awesome way to take attendance at the beginning of class. This would save time, instead of calling out each student’s name and waiting for a reply. It also is simply a good change which younger students would enjoy.

3. Money – Fun way for students to learn about money and how to count it! It also is a great way to learn different ways of creating amounts of money.

4. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar – As a child, I loved celebrating holidays at school and when the teacher would bring the festivity into all subjects – this made learning even more enjoyable and exciting. I think the advent calendar is a fun idea for the classroom, plus it comes with some Christmas worksheets as well.

5. Canada’s Provinces – Nice idea on learning Canada’s provinces and capital cities. – A great change instead of bringing out the old map. It also provides great quizzes, games and interactive puzzles!


The Impact of Media and Technology in Schools

I found this article on technology and education very interesting. I liked how it said students can “learn from technology and media” and also can “learn with technology and media.” This is very true as technology and media can teach students so so much. Students can learn from technology through various instructional computer programs, videos, etc. Students can use different tools and programs to learn with technology. An advantage of technology being for educational purposes are transportability – the student may be able to sign out a device, such as an iPad and work and finish assignments. They also can send a current project or homework though email or an USB stick to transport the information and work on it at a later time in a different location. Another advantage is repeatability – a student can almost always go back and repeat an exercise for improvement or reviewing. Access of the technology is an advantage because through emailing, USB sticks, and the internet, students can access their school work from almost any computer – be it at home, the library or at school.

I believe the technology we have today is just the very beginning. Technology is constantly improving itself and growing and this only means one thing – teachers must keep up with the latest technology because our students most likely will be. I think technology will be used more and more in schools and I believe it should be as well. With so many advantages, making our lives simpler, why wouldn’t we? I’m not saying throw away the old looseleaf – I am saying technology and media can be a great alternative to how we teach and learn. Technology is a great aspect of teaching and it can also help students stay more involved and interested in what they are learning.

I’ve learned..

As a beginner blogger I obviously have a lot to learn about creating a blog and all the useful, little tips and tricks. When I first created my blog, I knew I would most likely be able to go back and edit or change parts of the blog. Later, I wanted to change the title of my blog but was having a difficult time doing so as I could only figure out how to change my profile name, username, etc. Something so simple, yet so hard! Anyways, after searching and exploring WordPress, I have finally figured it out! I am posting this because I thought I’d share this tip as others may be wanting to know how to do this as well. Here are the steps: 1. Go to your name in the top, right hand corner of your screen. 2. A bar will drop down and after clicking on your name, click “dashboard.” 3. From there, click “Settings” and then “General.” And voila! At the top of the page will be a textbox to type in your “Site Title Name.” I hope you find this as useful as I did!


Also, I found out if you go to your blog’s “Site Stats,” you can find some interesting statistics on your blog such as how many times a specific page has been viewed or how many times it has been visited per day or by country. Fun to be aware of how many people are visiting and reading your own thoughts and ideas!