April 8, 2013

Again, I enjoyed learning about my classmate’s experiences learning new skills as well as creating lesson and unit plans. It truly is amazing to see what we can create and how we can inspire others. I like the idea of how we all put our blogs on one document so we can look back to gather ideas and lessons. Overall, I really enjoyed learning how to scrapbook and learning new techniques and skills. I enjoyed looking through old photos and thinking back to such great memories. I am very excited to continue to scrapbook upcoming memories and share them with others as I take more and more photos.

Lastly, I would like to state I thoroughly enjoyed this class as I learned so much about technology’s use in the classroom and different tools I can use in my future classroom. I think this class has opened my eyes to how much great technology is out there, which teachers can use to create fun and new lessons for students! In my future classroom, I plan to incorporate technology into my teaching as well as for students to use in various projects and assignments. Thanks for a great semester!!

March 27/April 3, 2013

It was great to see what my classmates created and learned in their major projects in class! It is quite inspiring to hear of people’s experiences learning a new instrument or new craft which has turned into a new skill, hobby and possibly a passion! The lesson and unit plans got my creative juices flowing and excited to create engaging and enjoyable lessons for my future students.

March 18, 2013

One thing that really stood out to me in today’s class was the quick tutorial on Animoto. I think this tool would be great in all subject areas to present almost anything or as Milissa said a fun way to present information and reminders to students first thing in the morning! Also, this tool will even come in handy for my university classes for presentations and other assignments. I’ve never been one to know a lot about making videos and I think this tool makes it seem much less complicated while still creating impressive videos to share!

March 4/6, 2013

On both days we had class via Skype and Adobe Meeting Pro. For online classes, I think I am right in the middle. Obviously, for online classes you can be in the comfort of your own home and being able to stay inside during Saskatchewan winters in definitely a plus. I find with our online classes throughout this course, we have been using our time more efficiently and things are running more smoothly compared to our first online class. However, I still find face to face classes more valuable and more time efficient. I definitely think online classes are important to have because of today’s technology and everyone should have the opportunity to experience an online class as it is a different form of learning. On Wednesday’s class, I enjoyed how we could see Milissa’s screen and her navigating around the computer. This was helpful in finding certain web pages because there were instructions that could be seen and heard – just like a face to face class. Also, I really liked Rubistar and feel it would be very helpful for teachers and educators.

Feb. 27, 2013

Reviewing Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy in today’s class was very interesting. I really enjoyed the taxonomy map we viewed and how it described and explained the low to high order thinking skills. I actually found it quite motivating as I would like teach my students not only to “remember” and “understand,” but also to “evaluate” and “create.” These skills  I hope to teach my students based on technology will be beneficial for them for the rest of their lives as technology is constantly advancing and it is important for students to understand how to construct and experiment with technology.

Feb. 11/25, 2013

In class on both dates we presented our tools we have recently learned about. It was so interesting to watch everyone’s presentations as there are SO many different tools teachers can use to educate their students in the classroom. There were tools based on books to presentation tools to quizzes, etc.. there are endless possibilities! I thought learning about a different tool in this class was a good idea, but an even better idea was to present our tools to the class. This way we share what we have learned about the various tools and everyone learns about not one tool, but many tools! I think these tools will greatly benefit us all as teachers and also as technology users. The tools presented will definitely help us educate students in a more enjoyable way! Another aspect of today’s class I enjoyed was the use of Google docs to sign in for attendance and to store everyone’s presentations so everyone can access them. Using Google docs in this way saves time which is great!

Feb. 4/6, 2013

I enjoyed the SMART response workshop we had in today’s class. I believe “clickers” is a fantastic way to teach students and is very useful. There are many uses of the tool in the classroom. I am glad I had the opportunity to learn about and use SMART response in class because I had never used it before. In my future classroom, I would like to use this for quizzes and questionnaires.

Also, I liked using Google docs – I found this a great way for us to sign up for a time slot for our presentations. I think this would be very beneficial for older students.

Jan. 30, 2013

Please see Tech Task #4 (under the Tech Task tab) on my reflection on my online learning experience from this class!

Jan. 14, 2013

Before this class, I had never created a survey through Google docs. This is a great tool as it is very easy for teachers and students to use. I think students might enjoy doing a survey online rather than on a piece of paper – it’s a great change! Plus it saves paper too!

Jan. 7, 2013

My experience in my first ECMP 355 class was great! I enjoyed it as it was very organized and all instructions given were clear. The content of this class seems interesting to me because technology is a huge part of our daily lives and using this technology in schools would be a great learning tool. Overall, I look forward to learning  more about blogging and other useful aspects of technology. It should be a great semester!


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